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    Unanswered: Alternative solution to Sybase Replication

    Hi Fellow DBAs and DB Architects,

    Here's a question for you all. Our organization is looking for a solution similar to database replication between 2 sybase servers, but without using the Sybase Replication Server. Please don't ask me why (mgmt decisions). They want to move away from Sybase Replication.

    So can anyone suggest me how to acheive this? We have some tables in the database on one server which are currently replicated bidirectionally and some unidirectional. If any can suggest even half of a solution I can make some headway towards this stalemate solution.

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    Alternative solution to Sybase Replication

    Though i don't have much knowledge in this area. But does the following option make any sense?
    1) Triggers to invoke remote procedure call
    2) The new ‘Data Transfer Utility’ in ASE 15.5

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    Lightbulb Alternative database replication product for Sybase

    You can use a third-party database replication product, like objectmmrs (OBJECTMMRS – Multi-Master Database Replication Suite).
    ObjectMMRS does what you need and have some advantages over native sybase replication, it's not a black box engine, easy to understand and see what's happening in all database replication stages.



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