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    Unanswered: PL/SQL Developer Demo

    Is there a way to get PL/SQL Developer working with a demo/fake test setup, with some demo tables and fields, so as to practice querying? If so how easy is this to do and are there instructions/guides anywhere?


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    To use SQL Developer, you'll require a functioning Oracle DB to access. Do you have 1 now?
    >If so how easy is this to do
    EASY is a relative term & depends upon how well you Read The Fine Manuals
    -- Oracle software available for download from here
    Search and Download Oracle Database, Application Server, and Collaboration Suite Documentation -- Oracle documentation is found here
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    (Oracle) SQL Developer <> (Allround Automations) PL/SQL Developer

    I agree with the rest of Anacedent's message. If you don't have a database (yet), download and install Oracle 10g XE which already contains sample HR (Human Resources) schema, several tables, loaded data, ... so you can use it to practice. HR schema is, by default, locked - it means that you'll have to unlock it first. Say if you need additional assistance.

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