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    Unanswered: Link same table to two table.Dataentry in main form & sub-subform from same table.

    Hello everybody,

    I am planning to analysis parliamentary questions. For this reason I designed a database. My wanting from this database to know the frequencies of questions asks by a MP with question's subject, nature and focus according to questions types as well as effectiveness and relevancy of answers provided by ministry and or Division with the questions. If questions & answers are shifted/transferred, I want to know the reasons. Certainly, MPs asks questions and relevant minister answer on it. Therefore above information needs to be displayed with the questioner name(MPs name and Constituency name) and relevant ministry and or division name along with question no, Parliament's session no, and question's date.

    When question types are 'Starred' or 'Prime Minister's' it may have supplementary questions and answers. Supplementary may ask MPs in addition to the original questioner. Conventionally, first supplementary question asked by original questioner. Subsequently, minister gives reply. Then other MPs may ask additional supplementary until Speaker moves on next question. Therefore, in supplementary questions, I want to know the supplementary questioner's name & his/her constituency name, supplementary no, question's focus, subject, nature, and relevancy with the original question. Similarly, every supplementary question must answered by minister. So effectiveness and relevancy of supplementary answers also need to know. Information of supplementary questions and answers should be displayed on under the respective original question number.

    My main table will be tblMain, tblOrgQuesAns, and tblSupplQuesAns. All other table will be linked these tables via combo boxes on respective fields. By the way, MPs details (education, age, term of office, etc) also need to know for analysis of questions asking criteria.

    In the case of form, frmMain is main form, frmOrgQuesAns is subform and frmSupplQuesAns is sub-sub form. So I want a option in frmMain to open frmOrgQuesAns. After data entry in frmOrgQuesAns, I need a option in this subform when question type in frmMain are selected as Starred or Prime Minister's then sub-subform frmSupplQuesAns shall open and I can add data to this form.

    Please check my database and modified it so that I can get expected output from this database. Therefore I requested you please help me to design my database properly. Need any other clarification please ask.

    Thanks in advance.

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