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    Unanswered: Table Size estimation

    Hi ,

    I have collected the record count for some of our major transaction tables for one week . Can you please let us know to estimate the table size growth based on the record count available.

    Informix Version: 10.5

    TABLE A:

    22-Jul-2011 23-Jul-2011 24-Jul-2011 25-Jul-2011
    1434748 1307216 1095170 1053754

    Based on this how to determine table size and its approximate growth (for eg: 30 % increase)?


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    Why don´t you put those values into a table and do a program which can make those calculations? And besides i think the table is decreasing, am i right?


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    As you said the record count is decreasing . Whatever i have mentioned in question is the table count. I saw a formula to calculate the size based on the number of rows (i.e count).

    Size in MB = (nrows*rowsize)/(1024*1024)

    Can you please let me know if this is the right approach to calculate the table size in MB? From the value that is obtained can i multiply it by 30 %?

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    I use the oncheck command line utility to perform this task on an adhoc basis, otherwise I use a spreadsheet approach as Luis Santos suggests.

    oncheck -pt <db_name>:<db_owner>.<table_name>

    oncheck -pt production:sysadm.employees | pg <cr>

    multiply "number of pages used" by your page size (AIX is 4k) to determine the approx size of the table in MB
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