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    Unanswered: Reorg failing on DB2 V9 on z/OS

    Hi, I was originally an Oracle DBA but when I transferred to another company right now I'm handling DB2 V9 running on z/OS. So when it comes to DB2 on z/Os I'm practically a newbie.

    My problem is we've been trying to run a REORG on a subsystem however it failed and after checking it, I can't seem to find what's the real reason and the solution on the error. Even though I'm new to this kind of environment I've been resolving some of the errors that had occurred before but this time I'm on a dead end. I've also tried checking the IBM online help but I still can't find any solution to it. Max RC is ABEND S04E. Please see attachment and any suggestions would be welcome.

    Thank you very much.
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    Have a look at the "Utilities" redbook:
    On page 156 it says: "When a DB2 utility job encounters DFSORT problems it will put some messages in the SYSPRINT output data set and then abend with S04E RC00E40347 as shown in Example 6-14. The reason code 00E4005 means that one or more sort subtasks have been abending."
    The problem *could* be that there is not enough room in the SORT pool, but most likely, there was an allocation problem with DFSORT (which most often is caused by too small values for primary and/or secondary extents with sort datasets; look in the JCL of your REORG job).
    If it's indeed a JCL "problem", I would propose --as the redbook also suggests-- to modify the REORG statement to use dynamic (DB2) allocation.
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    Thank you very much sir. This would be great help to me.

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