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    Unanswered: while loop shell scripting help

    hi i was wondering if someone can help me with a while loop..i have been looking at this for hours and dont no wut to do..
    i have to make a menu style.. to have a beeter understanding i have linked a photo at the bottom...

    Description: If the “output.txt” file does not exist, then the user is presented immediately with the Main Menu. The user is kept locked into the menu interface, until option # 5 is entered. The while/do/done looping construct is to be used to achieve this. Each menu item is processed using the case/esac branching construct.

    1)option 1
    2)option 2
    3)option 3
    4)option 4


    enter menu option:

    click on the bleary pic it will become bigger..
    unix -

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    I will help you do your homework, but I will not do it for you.
    Post what you have done so far.

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