Running Postgresql 8.3 with slon version 2.0.3 ! master server with two slaves. Has been running fine until today. The replication t one slave is fine, the second slave stopped working. Received this error:
2011-08-03 15:05:08 EDT ERROR remoteWorkerThread_20: "select "_snapcluster".setAddSequence_int(1, 90, '"public"."accounts_id_seq"', 'accounts_id_seq sequence')" PGRES_FATAL_ERROR ERROR: Slony-I: setAddSequence_int(): sequence ID 90 has already been assigned
2011-08-03 15:05:08 EDT WARN remoteWorkerThread_20: data copy for set 1 failed - sleep 60 seconds
NOTICE: there is no transaction in progress

Has anyone seen this before?

Thank you for any help on this issue.