Hi, I got a strange problem here:

1. I create a database in ASE and it works well for a while.
2. Recently I backup it and transform it to another machine, then restore and online.
3. Now I can execute "select * " for the database.
4. But if I execute "update ..." or "drop ..." on the database(no matter on the old machine or the new machine) in dbisql, it will just be the sql running status, didn't report anything. The table I want to drop has 0 row data, it should be easy to drop but I wait for a long long time , and as a result it is still running "drop" command.

Could anybody tell me the reason?

As a common experience of mine, It may be caused by lock. But I run the "sp_who" or "sp_lock" and don't find any lock on my database.

The database size is just around 4G, most of them are used for transaction log .