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    Unanswered: Report formating

    I have a report that has a data grouped by location and then there are a list of staff names (up to 3), Staff1, Staff2, Staff3. Any of the three could have either a blank or a name for each event. I would like to be able to only show the names (not the blanks) on the report. The blanks show up as empty spaces. Is there a way to do an IIF statement or some other way to only show the fields with names without the empty space?

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    Create 3 groups to your report, grouped on Staff1, Staff2, Staff3.

    # Right click on the page, Sorting and Grouping, add new..

    Put the text box for Staff1, in Staff1 Group.
    Change the property of the text box to Can Shrink = Yes
    Change the property of the Group Headed to Can Shrink = Yes

    Repeat for the other groups...

    I can't guarentee this would work but it's how I managed it on one of my own reports.

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    Thank you!

    That worked perfectly!! Thank you so much.

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