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    Lightbulb Help with database design

    I need help with database design to a comparison site that filter different web applications features and spits out a result based on which properties the user has selected.
    The user should be able to filter/choose different properties and then get a result with the remaining pages that fits the filter chosen.
    You will get a complete specification in which all attributes are stated and a description of each how it can be used later during the search.

    The result must be delivered an sql-file so that I can just execute it in order to create all tables and data types. I also want a ER-diagram with the database with an description of every table. The result must be normalised and optimal for these kinds of web applications (PHP + MYSQL).

    As soon as possible. For the right person this wont take very long to complete.

    Your Qualifications:
    Extensive knowledge in database design (ER diagram, relational databases, normalization etc etc) is required. Knowledge in MYSQL, PHP. A minimum of 3 years in expeerience of database design.

    If you are interested, please write me a PM with:
    1. Your rate.
    2. Approx how many hours the project will take.
    3. Your experience in database design.
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