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    Unanswered: How to create a folder on desktop for any user

    Hi ... I want to create a folder on the desktop of the executing user in oracle forms in case of not existed ... I'm using CREATE_FOLDER function in webutil but i don't know how to determine the path of the desktop ... I mean: Is there a particular way that works for any user?
    example: c:\documents and settings\...\username\desktop?

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    EndUser<=>browser<=>WebServer<=>ApplicationServer< =>DatabaseServer
    where is the code running?
    how does the code "know" who the end user really is?
    is application utilizing connection pooling?
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    the code is running in application server and every user can log in and run this program ... i have a form that creates an excel file ... i want to save it on the client side in a folder on the desktop ... i succeeded to save it by using webutil function AS_TO_CLIENT ... but i want it to be on desktop folder ...
    hope i clarified my point this time ...

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