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    Unanswered: DB Activity Monitoring


    Youd have to excuse my ignorance as DB isnt my field.

    Two questions:

    1. Are there features (either from the DB vendors or at the OS/HW level) that allow Real-Time activity monitoring and access prevention of the database? Obviously the log files can be viewed later but Im wondering about real time notification of access, be it from external or more importantly from privileged/inside user.

    2. Understand there are DB Activity Monitoring (DAM) providers such as IBMs Guardium, McAfees Sentrigo and Imperva. I also understand that - comparatively speaking - not many organizations use these products. What is/has been your experience with these if any?

    Appreciate your thoughts. Cheers


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    1. Yes.

    2. Extensive.

    In theory, theory and practice are identical. In practice, theory and practice are unrelated.

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    Thanks for your reply Pat. If I could ask....

    Following on from the previous Q1 - How is it done? Not the indepth steps, just very briefly.

    Q2 -If DB AM can be done as above, why would the specific DAM products I mentioned exist and have any merit in your opinion?

    Thanks again, appreciate your thoughts.


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