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    Exclamation Unanswered: 2 Differente Execution Plan for the same query! why??

    I have a problem with oracle PL/SQL statement.
    the same query have 2 different execution plan when I change a parameter in sql.
    The parameter is a value for the "where field".
    One of execution plan si good, the sql respond in seconds. the other take our without result...
    Ok this is the query:

    SELECT /*+ parallel(tbp_ced_ccm_cust,2) */ bank_id,
    rating.domain_desc AS rating,
    nvl(rating.kn_values, 0.07) AS kn_values
    FROM tbp_ced_ccm_cust cust
    (SELECT domain_code, domain_desc,
    WHEN domain_desc = 'C+'
    THEN 0.07
    WHEN domain_desc = 'C'
    THEN 0.07
    WHEN domain_desc = 'D'
    THEN 0.07
    ELSE 0.07
    END AS kn_values
    FROM dt_domains_table WHERE domain_type LIKE 'CUST_RATING_ID'
    and bank_id =0
    ) rating
    ON cust.cust_rating_id = rating.domain_code
    WHERE yearmonth_bank_ss = 20110299000006370036; <--- this is the parameter

    The parameter is the value of partition for the table tbp_ced_ccm_cust.
    I work with different partition.
    I have try to update the statistics for all table in the sql.
    I have recreate an index on DT_DOMAINS_TABLE.
    I have flush the execution plan in oracle.
    But nothing! the query have always 2 differente excution plane
    Someone help me please!
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