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    Trainset run professional short courses. These courses have a title, a duration of 1,2,3,4,or 5 days, and a cost that varies between 300 and 2000. The courses are repeatedly run at various locations. The start date of each offering, its location and its instructor are recorded. Students attend the courses and Trainset need to record the student name, gender, telephone number, and company name. Each time a student attends a course they will give an evaluation of the course (the evaluation is a number from 0 to 4), and attempt an examination. Trainset need to record the examination result of each student in each examination. It is not a requirement that all offerings of courses have attendees registered, and it is also not required that every student has to have attended a course.

    please help me, how to draw erd for above scenario
    5 entities (Student, instructor,course, offering, taking/attendance)
    how to show optionality
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    Perhaps you could get a better idea from this model or similar.

    Good Luck!
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