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    Question Unanswered: File Maker Web Loss of Function

    We posted our File Maker Pro on the Web, however, our contact notes, which are date and time stamped showing the user that posted the contact note, will not work on the web based File Maker. How do I make the contact notes work or who can I hire to get it to work?

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    It's hard to give you a good answer based on your post. However, how did you put the database on the web? Did you use IWP or PHP?

    If IWP, you should be aware that not all script functions are IWP compatible. It is possible that you are calling scripts to calculate some of the values that will not work over the web via IWP.

    If using PHP there could be an error in the PHP code that is making calls on the FM server.

    Those areas are where I would look first.

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