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    Question Unanswered: Security Features in SS2K8 available in SS2k Compatibility Mode?

    Would anyone know if any of the SS2K8 security features (data encryption, audit logging, etc.) are available in when you run the database in SS2K compatibility mode?

    I have an inherited SS2K COTS web app that management would like to upgrade, primarily for the enhanced security features. Unfortunately, the front-end, even though we have the source code, is complex and a full-upgrade to SS2K8 right now would probably not be possible due to time.

    I have been reading the Microsoft document "SQL Server 2008 Upgrade Technical Reference Guide" (486 pages) and have not been able to determine if what I am asking is possible. If we were able to run in the SS2K compatibility mode and gain some of the enhanced security features, it would buy some time in which we could do the full transition correctly.

    Any help you can provide will be greatfully appreciated!


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    Encryption is not available in a database running in SQL 2000 compatibility mode.

    If you mean the c2 audit logging, or the "black box" trace, those still run on a SQL 2000 compatibility database. Things like Change Data Capture would not run on a SQL 2000 compatibility database.

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    That answers my question

    My organization would like to upgrade to SS2K to take advantage of the Transparent Data Encryption and native audit logging at the data level.

    Unfortunately, while resources to do a "full up" conversion could be found, the amount of time available is limited and the front-end is a COTS "pandora's box".

    Thanks for the quick turnaround ... I suspected that would be the answer, but thanks for confirming it.

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