As part of a data tranfer from Sybase 15 to SQL server 2005 I am exporting .txt files using bcp command on Linux. During the process, some of the float fields with small decimals appear in scientific notation in the .txt file. When using the .txt file as the source of input for a freeBCP into the receiving server, BCP fails on the sci note with error message "Attempt to convert data stopped by syntax error in source field.". Does anyone know of a way,to get BCP to convert the sci note to float.
I tried exporting data with bcp -c, bcp -n, bcp -a, but float is still getting converting into scientific form.

I guess there is some setting that needs to be done either on Sybase or on Linux to force bcp to avoid converting float values in scientific format.

Earnestly request you to Please help me.

Many Thanks.

Best Regards,
Abdul Wahid