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    Unanswered: Cluster? May that solve the problems?

    Hello Folks!

    Actually I am facing the following problems:

    My customer is...
    • using a REALLY LARGE MySQL database
    • using a database, that is absolutely not normalized
    • working file based
    • resistabe to any learning!

    Well, that sounds weired and senseless to help, but there are two departments, concurring with each other... We have the "Take it or leave it and never touch a running system" department and we have the "we know about computer sciences" department.

    The last one is up to change the way things are actually going.

    What does that mean exactelly? Well, I do not post in a Oracle-Forum because we are up to use Postegre, or any other things... We plan to use Oracle for our puposes!

    But Oracle is not that cheap and we wanna have clearence about our "Must-Haves" and requirements.

    To make it more clear, let's take the following situation:
    • We have a JAVA based web application
    • We have over 75,000 clients working with this application
    • These clients do not work simutanously on the database - normally up to 100 or 150

    The problem is: One customer might insert or update up to 1M records... which takes some time. In the meantime, every other customer is locked and watching to an AJAX-wait-GIF, what might be quite nice, but is also disgusting.

    What we wanna reach is the following and that is the question I have:
    Is there any chance to set up an Oracle-Cluster, that fullfills:
    • Several nodes, building one single database
    • Asynchronous writing (INSERT, UPDATE is fired at the Master and synchronized on idle time)
    • Node-Balancing by setting up: Table X, Column Y goes generally to Node Z.

    Please help me!! I really wanna get rid of this nasty database we are currently using... It does not interst me to put the data in this nasty format, the other department is working with, but I wanna have a clean application!!!

    Best regards

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    By the way: Please do not give any advice like "'normalize the existing MySQL-DB..." We all know that this would help a lot... But the concurrent department is happy with the shitty way.

    And I cannot convince the managment to change 10 year old programs, so they could work with the new structure... In our department we can do so! We are computer scientists and not "Money! Money! Money!"-guys.

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    > Several nodes, building one single database
    I am not convinced that using RAC is warranted
    > Asynchronous writing (INSERT, UPDATE is fired at the Master and synchronized on idle time)
    HUH? With Oracle Writers do not block Readers & Readers do not block Writers
    There is nothing to synchronize.
    > Node-Balancing by setting up: Table X, Column Y goes generally to Node Z.
    a data ROW typically resides in a single block (assuming it all fits) & therefore all columns are adjacent

    my laptop can INSERT 1 million rows in about 1 minute or less; without blocking any other session
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