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    Unanswered: Displaying data on a form

    I have a database with the following tables (shortened):
    table1 (record, first name, last name, notes)
    table2 (id, record, todo)

    Data in tables (example):
    1, john, doe, testing
    2, jane, doe, testing

    1, 1, action1
    2, 1, action2
    3, 2, action1
    4, 2, action2

    On my ASP.NET webpage, I bind to a data source that selects from table1.
    This results in one query that pulls all the rows. However, I would like to include as a column to display a list of todo actions for each person. In the above example, there would be 2 items for john and 2 for jane.

    If I make these separate data sources, then it is another extra query for EACH person in table1, which is really inefficient on large datasets. I could make the query if they click on a person for more details, but I need it where it is all pre-populated and shown in the same table on the first load. Are there queries or design methods that handle this problem? I'm still pretty new to databases.


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    With SQL Server 2005+, you can use Common Table Expressions (CTEs) to create comma delimited strings in a single recursive query.
    Prior to version 2005, this could be done using a user-defined function.
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