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    Unanswered: Dumping the result of the Db2 table count into the .csv file


    I have a following requirement of writing the DB2 SQL Query using the dynamic UNIX shell Scripting. The shell scripting should contain the following

    1. Connect SQL to connect to the DB2 database

    2. How to write the Dynamic DB2 SQL for calculating the source and target record count of a particular table and dump the results of the SQL into the .csv file?

    THe above shell script should export the results to the .csv file when we execute the shell script.


    Shell Scripting for dumping the result of the Db2 table count into the .csv file

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    what is meant with :source and target record count
    there is only 1 count
    connect to dbname;
    export to xx.csv of del select count(*) from table ;
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    Running SELECT COUNT(*) on all your table can take a long time to run, and you have to do each table separately so getting that into a single CSV can be tedious. If you statistics are up to date just do: SELECT TABSCHEMA,TABNAME,CARD FROM SYSCAT.TABLES. This runs real fast and should be close enough to the actual numbers.


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