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    Unanswered: Sql to update table with last day rank

    I have a table with device, date, website and rank, previous_rank as columns e.g.
    device date website rank previous_rank
    1 20110812 1 -
    1 20110812 1 -

    Now, I want to update this table setting previous day rank in previous_rank column(after we get next days data). But I am not able to get it in one sql shot, please help me with this.

    I am able to write a select query which should select last day rank, but can't figure out how to update it

    select t1.device, t2.rank from
    web_by_rank t1, web_by_rank t2 where
    t1.date_key = 20110809 and
    t2.date_key = 20110808 and = and
    t2.device = t1.device

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    Check the LAG analytic function which provides access to a row at a given physical offset prior to that position.

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