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    Unanswered: MSCOMCT2.OCX Problem

    I have an application that contains UpDown buttons on my forms. I had a problem with my PC and had to have it set back to factory settings. When I got it back I couldn't open my application because I have a "missing or broken reference" - MSCOMCT2.OCX. I see a some fixes on the web but I get error messages when I try to register the file. I'm runnng Access 2007 and Vista Home Premium. I would very much appreciate step by step instructions on how to fix this problem. As an alternative, would it work if I replaced the UpDown buttons (which by the way are now blank i.e. no arrows) with new ones?
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    What error do you have when you try to use regsrv32.exe to register the ActiveX component?
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    You "may" want to consider changing the form design so it doesn't utilize the *.ocx file. Utilizing ActiveX objects typically causes problems when something is changed with the Office environment (ie. upgrading to a new version of Office or working with Office installations on different computers which are in a different default folder.)
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