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    Unanswered: Linking tables for query

    I have 3 tables that I need to have data displayed from when a query is run.
    the first table is called "tblParts".
    the second is called "tblAttributes".
    the third called "tblPartAttributes", which is a list of coupled values from the tblParts (partID) and an attributeID from the tblAttributes.
    all three tables have autonumber primarykeys. tblParts and tblAttributes have their primary

    I can set up the query to ask what attributeID to look up on tblPartAttribute easy enough, but then it just spits out the partID and attributeID. which are pretty useless by themselves.

    i was hoping to get some help making it so you could select an attribute by noun name on a form via combo box (which would get its list from the "Attribute" column in the tblAttribute) and hit a button and have Access:

    1) reference what attributeID is associated with that noun name from tblAttribute
    2) find the part numbers coupled to that attributeID from tblPartAttribute and then
    3) output a report of information from tblPart for the items with the partID's that the query found

    below is the relationship diagram for my database, and i have also attached a copy of the image
    Attached Thumbnails Attached Thumbnails accessrelationships.jpg  

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