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    Question Unanswered: generate autonumber in main form from subform?

    hello sir,

    usually if i enter any data in main form auto number creating,
    but how i can create auto number from subform, i mean if i enter data in subform autonumber should create in main form ?

    thanks in advance


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    Quote Originally Posted by alex_raju View Post
    if i enter data in subform autonumber should create in main form ?
    Only if both forms are based on the same table/query or it they both contain a reference to the Autonumber column of the table.
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    Im assuming you have a parent / child realtionship with the autonumber in the parent tabel / form, used as a foreign key in sub form / child table.

    in the usual Access design paradigm you'd be expected to start data entry in the parent form, and that should trigger the autonumber.

    you may be able to get a new unique autonumber in the parent form by forcing an addnew event in the parentr form from the childform.

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