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    Unanswered: tricky error

    hi i have been getting an error infact something just resets my query. My query is

    UPDATE close_trade_import_Data_1 SET [PL / Description] = [PL / Description]-[com];

    the problem is that it can be used only once as you can see that after SET the work PL / DESCRIPTION has space in it but when i close the query and try to run it again it gives me an error that pl/description does not exist upon opening the query i find out that the space between PL / DESCRIPTION automatically gets shrinked like this
    UPDATE close_trade_import_Data_1 SET [PL/Description] = [PL / Description]-[com]; thus giving me an error
    can anybody guide me please


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    Hi, I have just tried to replicate your issue, with no joy, could you put up a copy of your db for me to look at Thanks

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