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    Unanswered: return select statement in multiple columns when using a function

    Greetings all

    I am new to postgresql and have been attempting to create a function in which I can specifiy a variable for it to use in the select statement.

    here is what I have so far.

    create type type_f_test as (project_id int, hospital_name text, project_name text, project_type text, project_status text);
    create or replace function f_test(integer)
    returns setof type_f_test as 
    select a.project_id, b.hospital_name, a.project_name, a.project_type, a.project_status  
      from t_projects a 
      join t_hospitals b 
      on a.hospital_id = b.hospital_id 
      join r_projects_users c 
      on a.project_id = c.project_id 
      where a.is_deleted = 0 
      and c.is_deleted = 0 
      and a.project_status <> 'Closed' 
      and a.project_status <> 'Completed' 
      and c.user_id = $1
      order by b.hospital_name, a.project_name asc;
    This seems to work; however, it is returning the results in a single column instead of multiple columns.

    any help would be appreciated.
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    I believe you'll need to return a table type with the function - it looks like you're currently returning an array.

    Ref the documention here
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