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    Unanswered: Macro: Find & Paste from one .xls to another

    XLS-1 XLS-2
    1, Blue Banana, 3
    2, Green Apple, 4
    3, Yellow Berry, 1
    4, Red

    What I want to create is a macro that will take the information from XLS-2 and paste it into XLS-1, like this:

    1, Blue, Berry
    2, Green,
    3, Yellow, Banana
    4, Red, Apple

    I can't do a simple sort, and copy/paste, because the common-column between the two spreadsheetes aren't exact (ex, above XLS-2 does not have a line with the number "2" in it)

    So, I'd like to create a macro where it takes a value from XLS-2, finds it in XLS-1, and inserts the corresponding info from XLS-2 to XLS-1.

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    Wink Revised

    My formatting didn't retain when I posted the question. The orig spreadsheets should look like this:

    1, Blue
    2, Green
    3, Yellow
    4, Red

    Banana, 3
    Apple, 4
    Berry, 1

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