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    Question Unanswered: How to compy one table from one DB to another


    I would like to copy the reports2 table located in db1 to reports2 table located in db2.
    Both database are in the same Linux machine. I know that there are some commands (load / unload) that I can use to copy the table from one database to the other one. But I don't know how to do it. Do I have to write a shell script and run it? or do I need to be in one of the databases and execute these commands to send the information to the other database?

    Any help would be appreciated
    Thanks in advance

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    I'm working with IDS 9.4 on an AIX box but I'm sure your LINUX situation is similar. Also, I'm assuming the table in the target database has already been created & is empty.

    Using dbaccess, chose the source database (db1) you want to extract data from and execute this:

    Unload to "file_name" delimiter "|"
    select * reports2;

    Change databases & chose the target database (db2) & execute this:

    load from "file_name" delimiter "|"
    insert into reports2;

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    thanks a lot mjldba
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    Another way to do the same could be this SQL:

    insert into bd2:table select * from bd1:table;

    Where bd1 is the source database and bd2 is the target database. It´s suposed you´ve created the table structure in bd2.

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