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    Unanswered: error code 1004/some kind of vba/access trust issues happening

    I'm getting a hang up that looks like

    macro name...
    User Interface : Button_MASTER_NAMES_Sales Data : OnClick : Embedded Macro
    action name...
    error number 1004
    ExcelExport_MASTER_NAMES(3, [Label_Master Name Output Location].Caption, [Combobox_MASTER NAMES])

    From what I've gathered, this is some type of trust issue happening between access and my vba code. I've gone in both access and excel and made pretty much every security setting as low as possible/given all macros the necessary permissions. The "arguments" section above is a little piece of code that runs from an embedded macro via an on-click event. If more information is needed please let me know. This access project was working two days ago grrrrr.

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    problem solved, I changed computers and mapped my network drive to X: instead of Z: and the VBA code didn't reflect this change of location. *Facepalms*

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