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    Question Unanswered: Problem adding new image to imagelist control at runtime

    Hi everybody,
    I use the following code in my form to add new images to my Imagelist control in order to be used by my Treeview control
    me.imgLst0.ListImages.Add Key:="Test112", Picture:=LoadPicture("C:\1.jpg")
    it works fine and it add new images to imagelist but it does not save them, Imean after closing the form when I check the list it is not added!
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    When items are added to a List, Combobox, etc, at Runtime, the addition only remains as long as the Form is open. For the addition to persist after the Form is closed then opened again, you have to have the Form opened in Design View while the items are added, or have a Table as the Source for the Control, and add the items to the Table.

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    Hope this helps!

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