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    Unanswered: Proposed DBForums MySQL changes

    I'm considering adding MariaDB and Drizzle as databases supported here at DBForums. Both of them are open source descendants of MySQL. To my way of thinking, these are forks in the MySQL product that have become independant database engines.

    These databases are not owned or managed by Oracle Corp like MySQL is now. This means that there is little or no corporate support for them, and that using them in production has different requirements. They are also much earlier in their development cycle, so they have very differnt kinds of support requirements and audience.

    My current plan is to start separate forums for Drizzle and for MariaDB here at DBForums. Because I see them as MySQL branches, I see three distinct options. I could create a separate group of forums for all three databases, keeping them together but segregating them from the other database engines. I could make separate forums for Drizzle and MariaDB, which would keep all three amongst the other database engines but not explicitly showing their connection. I could also expand the definitiion of the MySQL forum and try to attract the Drizzle and MariaDB users here, which keeps all the MySQL related traffic in one somewhat jumbled place.

    What I'd like to hear from the MySQL camp at DBForums is how you'd like me to handle these additions. I expect to add these databases to DBForums in a bit over a week, so I need your comments NOW. Post in this thread (vastly preferred), or PM me with truly private concerns.

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    Pat, I think you just add them like any other database forum here. Just because someone uses MySQL doesn't mean they use the others and vice versa.

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