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    Unanswered: Missing / Deleted Components


    Newbie to Sybase, I'm currently trying to boot a Sybase database. Apologies for my lack of knowledge, the company I contract for axed everyone who knew anything about this DB.

    I appear to have a problem with core components of the DB goings 'missing'

    The database failed (for unknown reasons)

    Booting the DB I discovered _DATA_08, was missing. This was not deleted, or moved, it just went! We recovered this & booted the DB.

    It since failed again, booting it once more, now _DATA_12 through to _20 are missing.

    Is there anything that can cause this from a software level?

    00:00000:00001:2011/08/20 14:57:41.73 kernel Initializing virtual device 13, '/opt/sybdev/data/DEV_DB_011_DATA_12' with dsync 'on'.
    00:00000:00001:2011/08/20 14:57:41.73 kernel dopen: open '/opt/sybdev/data/DEV_DB_011_DATA_12', No such file or directory
    00:00000:00001:2011/08/20 14:57:41.73 kernel udactivate: error starting virtual disk 13

    Any suggestions or hints would be greatly appreciated!

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    DEV_DB_011_DATA_12' is a databasedevice that apparently isn't there anymore. Try to recover it from a backup, or maybe it is moved?
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