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    Post Unanswered: Store data from one form to multiple tables?


    I am designing a database where information on parts being assembled is stored. What i have so far is for each of the five part-making machines i have a split form that collects setup and run time data and part totals, which are saved to a corresponding table. So 5 identical tables and 5 identical split forms.

    The issue I have with my design is if i want to change things about the forms, i have to make the changes on each of the five forms individually which is very time consuming. Id much rather have one form that has buttons for each of the five machines where when clicked, the splitform loads the data from the table and more data can be recorded until a different machine needs to be run. Any ideas? If unclear please let me know and i can explain further...

    Thank you!

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    As it is, your database is not normalized.

    There should be only one table and one form. In the table there should be (if necessary) a column indicating to what machine the part belong. When opening a the form, the user should have the possibility to select which machine it concerns. The form could then "adapt itself" according to the selected machine.
    Have a nice day!

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