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    Unanswered: Acsess Report, Custom Sorting

    Bare with me. I don't know a whole lot about access.

    I need to do some custom sorting on a access report.

    I need to custom sort two different fields and the fields contain the following:

    Field 1: Hazard Status > "Open" or "Closed"

    Field 2: Spot Type > "Finding" or "Observation"

    I would like the report to sort all records with a HAZARD STATUS of "Open", then SPOT TYPE "Observation", and lastly put all the HAZARD STATUS "Closed" at the end of the report.

    I don't know VBA, so I need to do this as simplest as possible.

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    Create table(s) for the custom sort:

    Hazard Status---------SortOrder

    Then join to the tables to get the sort you want.

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    HazardStatus DESCENDING, SpotType ASCENDING will do it without needing to modify any table strucutres.

    But I think he wants:

    1st: all OPEN Hazard Status, then
    2nd: All Observation spot types (regardless of Hazard Status) then
    3rd: all remaining CLOSED Hazard Status.

    If so:

    SortThis: IIf([Hazard Status]="Open",1,IIf([Spot Type] = "Observation",2,IIf(Hazard Status] = "Closed",3)))

    Add this to your underlying SQL for the report and sort by that field. Should do the trick.
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