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    Unanswered: Only 3 Criterias

    Good Moning Experts,

    I have a really rookie question here...

    I have a query that has three OR Criterias (2 more rows after the first Criteria row in Design View of the query) and I want to view the data for a particular date range.

    I am inputting this criteria on the first row of the date field in order to set the parameters in the form:

    Between NZ([FORMS]![Form1]![START DATE],#1/1/199#) And NZ([FORMS]![Form1]![END DATE],#12/31/2099#)

    If I leave the next two rows without this criteria it would bring the data pertaining in the next two criteria rows for the whole fiscal year...

    Is there a way where I can only set the parameters and get the data for all the Criterias...

    I need Help... I have been two days working on this problem...

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    I'm not sure to understand what you want to do. Can you explain and post the SQL of the whole query?
    Have a nice day!

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    I'm gonna take a guess and say that you just need to duplicate the bold condition you have there (your between statement) into the other rows you put criteria in.
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    most people replying here tend to use native SQL and not use the query designer
    what would probably help would be:-
    in the query designer
    switch to SQL view, depends on you version of Access but is usually the left most icon/button
    then copy and paste the SQL here
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