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    Unanswered: Update statistics, lock

    Hi every body,

    i have a problem when i execute an update statistics, the thread btree clean lock a table and the lock is always here.

    the consequences is that i can't do an dbexport on my base who need an exclusive "right" on it.

    onstat -u :

    address flags sessid user tty wait tout locks nreads nwrites

    44d64a70 ---PX-B 103579 root - 0 0 1 23939 400

    onstat -k :

    address wtlist owner lklist type tblsnum rowid key#/bsiz

    460be790 0 44d64a70 0 HDR+IX 200081 0 0

    have you got some ideas ?

    Thanks in advance,


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    i have find something interesting with onstat -C :

    onstat -C

    IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 10.00.UC6 -- On-Line -- Up 3 days 15:36:38 -- 72912 Kbytes

    Btree Cleaner Info
    BT scanner profile Information
    Active Threads 1
    Global Commands 0
    Number of partition scans 2919
    Main Block 0x45385ab0
    BTC Admin 0x00000000

    BTS info id Prio Partnum Key Cmd
    0x45c9dd48 0 High 0x00300158 1 10000000 Scan index
    Number of leaves pages scanned 503310006
    Number of leaves with deleted items 503248613
    Time spent cleaning (sec) 4391
    Number of index compresses 1006495443
    Number of deleted items 28958
    Number of index range scans 0
    Number of index leaf scans 59
    Number of index alice scans 0
    Scan Type Leaf

    and an onstat -C clean :

    onstat -C clean

    IBM Informix Dynamic Server Version 10.00.UC6 -- On-Line -- Up 3 days 15:36:15 -- 72912 Kbytes

    Btree Cleaner Info

    Index Cleaned Statistics
    Partnum Key Dirty Hits Clean Time Pg Examined Items Del Pages/Sec

    this is the index partion number where the btree is stuck

    0x00300158 1 C 0 107076 1616214855 142 15094.09

    i can see that the btree scan to the infini this partition.

    we can find the index and her table with this :

    Find the index:

    SELECT indexname
    FROM sysfragments
    WHERE hex(partn) = 'partnum';

    Identify the indexed table:

    SELECT tabname
    FROM sysfragments f, sysindexes i, systables t
    WHERE hex(f.partn) = 'partnum'
    AND f.indexname = i.idxname
    AND i.tabid = t.tabid;

    Note: partnum is the partition number. Be sure to use capital letters for the hex value, as in this example:

    SELECT indexname FROM sysfragments WHERE hex(partn) = '0x0010016B';

    now i know wich is the index and the indexed table who stuck the btree scann.

    the next questions are :
    may i rebuild this index whithout stopping the server's production ?
    can i rebuild only this index or i have to rebuild the entire index ...

    thanks in advance


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