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    Question Unanswered: Exporting Microsoft Outlook Calendar into existing Excel file

    Hi all,
    I am an advanced user of Word and Excel but I am looking for an elegant solution to save a lot of time when producing meeting cover pages.

    The situation
    I am exporting the Outlook calendar into Excel with all the fields that I need. I am then using this Excel file to create cover pages for meetings in Word via Mail Merge. The reason I am doing this is because meetings can sometimes change and it is much quicker to re-export the diary and then use mail merge to reprint the meeting cover letters.

    The cover page details
    At the bottom of each cover page it shows the next meeting:
    Next meeting:
    Date and time:

    The existing Excel file
    I do this by using extra columns in Excel, as shown in the diagram. The columns F-H reference the next meeting, so for example F2=B3, G2=C3 and so on. I then run mail merge and import the necessary fields.
    The problem is that I have to create a new spreadsheet each time and then paste into this one to calculate accordingly.

    What I need to do
    I need to export the corresponding fields from Outlook into columns A, B, C and D so that E to H will automatically calculate for mail merge.

    What would be great is if there was a way of create some kind of macro that would export the calendar into the correct spreadsheet and then launch the word document so that mail merge could be run right away.
    I appreciate that this may be a bit tricky but linking these things up is just outside my knowledge.

    Other tricks
    PS: If anybody knows how to make the last rows show “no more meetings today” in the last entry then that would be great!
    PPS: Also, if anybody knows how to force the dates to show as “10th September” and times to show as just hours and minutes (10.30) that would be even more elegant.

    I really appreciate whatever help anyone can offer.

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    I say forget fiddling around with macros, just use an App to convert Outlook to Word or Excel. See below...
    Import Outlook Calendar into Excel and Word


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