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    Unanswered: Convert DateTime problem

    Version: Pervasive 10.30

    Problem: I need to change DateTime column values from mm/dd/yyyy into dd/mm/yyyy

    update with set=2011/01/01 is working good

    1 step was to create 2nd table and copy all data, in 2nd step i want to convert exisiting date format into new one. I am using this statment i found somewhere in this forum:

    update test
    set data= select convert(day(datac),SQL_CHAR) + '/' + convert(month(datac),SQL_CHAR) + '/' + convert

    (year(datac),SQL_CHAR) from Table where id=1

    Error:[LNA][Pervasive][ODBC Engine Interface]Invalid date, time or timestamp value.

    Can someone point me where i made errors?

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    Is the data type in the table actually a Date or DateTime? If it is, the format will have to be 'yyyy-mm-dd'. You cannot store it in the field any other way.

    What exactly are you trying to accomplish with the conversion?
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