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    Unanswered: Help to get sum of previous rows' column values


    could someone please help me to get out of this problem......

    i m writing a select query in which in each row i need to calculate interest value that is based sum of all previous rows' column value.
    let me explain scnerio first -

    I have two tables
    EPF_mst_month (contains twelve rows for twelve months)
    left join with
    EPF_user_data ( contains user's monthly contribution data)

    query i wrote is working fine if there are twelve rows in user_data table
    but if there is lesser(that might happen) rows then the result returning is not correct.

    my written query -

    isnull(EPF_MST_MONTH.serial,0) [cnt],
    isnull (EPF_MST_MONTH.monName,'') as [desc],
    ROUND(isnull(memcont,0),0) as memcont,
    when EPF_MST_MONTH.serial = 1
    then round(isnull(@obmem*8.5/1200,0),0)
    when empcode Is null -- if no monthly contribution then (select round(isnull((sum(memcont)+@obmem)*8.5/1200,0), 0)
    from EPF_MST_MONTH M LEFT outer JOIN epf_user_data b
    on EPF_MST_MONTH.cmonth=b.cmonth
    and b.EMPcode='ABC'
    andT b.finyear='2010-2011' and b.cid='DEMO'
    where m.serial <= EPF_MST_MONTH.serial AND
    b.EMPcode='ABC' and b.finyear='2010-2011'
    and b.cid=@cid)
    else (select round(isnull((sum(memcont)+@obmem)*8.5/1200,0),0)
    from EPF_USER_DATA where tdate < a.tdate
    AND EMPcode='ABC'
    and finyear='2010-2011' and cid='DEMO' )
    end as 'memint'

    from EPF_MST_MONTH left outer join EPF_USER_DATA a
    on EPF_MST_MONTH.cmonth= a.cmonth
    and a.EMPcode='ABC' and a.finyear='2010-2011'
    and a.cid='DEMO' order by cnt

    any help on above is greately appreciated....

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    The SQL script doesn't compile. Can you submit a corrected version and place it between [CODE] - [/ CODE] tags for better readability?
    Msg 156, Level 15, State 1, Line 11
    Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'from'.
    Msg 156, Level 15, State 1, Line 23
    Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'as'.
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