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    Unanswered: Join Query - Urgent!!!

    Lookup into DIM_MERCHANDISING table with the MERCHANDISING_ID and fetch the corresponding DEPT_NUMBER and then lookup into the DIM_SEGMENT table with SEGMENT_NUM = DEPT_NUMBER and retrieve the SEGMENT_ID
    need join qyery for the above transformation..

    input table = fact_sales
    input column=MERCHANDISING_ID from fact_sales

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    How about supplying the DDL for the tables and what you want the query to return?


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    Sanjeev, Do you understand that it is sort of rude to mention the word "Urgent" in a public, free forum.

    It gets even worse.. It appears that you have not tried to find a solution . Rather you have posted the requirement here expecting an "Urgent" response!

    Of course, you can ask newbie basic questions , as long as you have tried! An example here :
    Visit the new-look IDUG Website , register to gain access to the excellent content.

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    Urgent does not means dat i dint try it. I tried it but i dint end up with the required solution.Anyways thanks for your suggestion..

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    so, can you publish what already has been done as query/join, so we can build on top of this - or correct something ..
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