We have when we do about
Visual c++ 6.0

We have uninstalled 8.5 completely from my knowledge. do not know if any left over dlls though or registry how to check registry for old. We have looked through SAP forums and I have a list. Some have questioned as well the 115, or 11 or etc. What is the answer because of the following we want to distribute properly. Thank you for your time.

We have tried the following three lines. When we do the top two we DO NOT get an Exception but the report fails to open below as indicated. We even tried Business Object samples as well. If we do 11, the Create gets an exception but the report opens.
// theApp.pApplication.CreateInstance("CrystalRuntime .Application");
// theApp.pApplication.CreateInstance("CrystalRuntime .Application.115");
pApplication.CreateInstance("CrystalRuntime.Applic ation.11");

theApp.ReportRan = true;
CString test;
CWaitCursor wait;

VARIANT m_incident_id, m_device_id;

//******** Open the report ***********
pReport = pApplication->OpenReport(ReportPath); ****FAILS HERE IF THE TOP TWO CREATE INSTANCE BUT WORKS IF WE DO CREATE on 11

//******** Assign parameter values **********
m_incident_id.vt = VT_I4;
m_device_id.vt = VT_I4;

m_incident_id.lVal = m_IncidentID;
m_device_id.lVal = m_DeviceID;


// CRViewer1.ReportSource = Report
//Set the PrintMode property to 0 for PDF printing, or 1 for ActiveX printing.
// m_crViewCRXI.PrintReport();