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    Smile Unanswered: Stuck at First hurdle

    Hi People, I really hope you can help me on this!

    Im a fairly competent beginner at Access and use 2003 at work but I am struggling to get started on this new project.

    I have been asked to create a Database for inputting minutes from meetings and actions from the minutes to ensure all employees are completing them. I seem to be stuck getting the tables and relationships right so all data will be efficient and easy to report on.

    The main criteria for the database is as follows:
    *Ability to list attendees at each meeting
    *Ability to add all minuted items at the meeting to the database
    *Ability to add multiple actionee's to a minute
    *Ability to report on all of the above

    I may be thinking to complicated for my tables / relationships but im so stuck I would appreciate any guidance, tips, hints if at all possible. Im going grey stressing

    Kind Regards,

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    Access is probably not the right tool for the job. There is probably a meeting manager or project manager program out there that you can use with less effort adapting the tool to the job.


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