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    Unanswered: SQL22223N error trying to create database with DB2 Express C


    I am having problems trying to create a database with DB2 Express C (v9.7). I am very new to DB2, but I'll try to explain.

    I already have a another version of DB2 installed on my system:

    Product: DB2 Connect Enterprise Edition
    Version: 8.2
    Copy: DB2COPY1
    Instance: DB2

    I understand that it is possible to have coexistence.

    Express C has seemingly installed OK on my laptop, and I am able to use the Sample Database without a problem. I created new copy DB2COPY2, and new instance DB2_01.

    When I try and create a database I get the error:

    SQL22223N The Instance "DB2_01" does not exist on host "host name".

    This seems strange because I installed it locally as DB2ADMN.

    I'm trying to create the db using Command Centre > Control Centre > Create Database.

    I am very new to db2 and not that familiar with the various cmd commands and db2 terminology.

    Any help much appreciated.

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    Possibly you're using Command Center from the first installation, which does not know about the new instance. If you have installed a separate set of binaries with Express-C, use Command Center from that set.

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    @n_i. Thanks for response. How do I check that I'm using the correct set of binaries? I'm pretty sure I am because i'm starting Command Centre from the new copy in my programs menu.

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