I am an advanced programmer but have been out of touch for few years. I just started fresh.

I have first tried Visual C sharp with SQL Server express edition.

Then i switched to MySql with C sharp using HeidiSql as the GUI for mysql
-Reason SQLServer express has data limitation and works with single core
-Plus there is no official support if it crashes
-Plus the upgrade cost is very high

Then i switched to SqlLite with C sharp
-Reason MySql changed its licensing policy
- Customers feel that it is more of a hobbiest database
- anyway the commercial license is very expensive.
- you can use it free only on if you are offering free application with it

Finally now i am working with PostgreSQL and CSharp with NavicatLite as GUI
-Reason SQL Lite has little online information and good for small data i.e. around 10k records. Customers are especially skeptical and feel it is more of a database to store mobile phone records and grandma's receipes

CSharp as such is a very good allround application development platform. There is lot of help, tutorials and forums available for solution

PostgreSqL is very good in a way that it follows standard norms and most people i met always somehow recall it to be around from many years.