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    Unanswered: TNS timeout from c# code


    Im new to Oracle.
    I have a C# code that connect to an Oracle DB.

    Application is running fine from my local machine.
    When I run the application from a win2003 server I get TNS-12535: TNSperation timed out occasionally (~4 out of 10 runs).

    I can connect the Oracle from this win2003 server using Toad and execute queries.
    I can tnsping the the Oracle from the and get ok response all time.

    What do you think can cause this problem?

    Thanks in advance,

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    12535, 00000, "TNS:operation timed out"
    // *Cause: The requested operation could not be completed within the time out
    // period.
    // *Action: Look at the documentation on the secondary errors for possible
    // remedy. See SQLNET.LOG to find secondary error if not provided explicitly.
    // Turn on tracing to gather more information.
    I suspect that Oracle is victim; not culprit.
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