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    Unanswered: PostGreSQL audit trail query.

    I am new to the forum and to the product. Please excuse any foolish questions and apparent errors.

    I have been doing some reading up on PostGreSQL before I posted here. I am researching on using Postgres for a small business and need to do some audit work as well.

    I have learnt that postgres by itself does not have any audit capabilities. I am aware of the method to create mirror tables for every table available to log audit information to those, or create a centralized table and log audit information to that instead (which requires some housekeeping in terms of purging old data etc.)

    Is there any other method that I am not aware of when it comes to PostGres auditing?? Other than the two mentioned above and setting up triggers for the tables that you want to audit?? Any package which can do the same? Any smoother way to do it??

    Any help is greatly appreciated. And any links to be researched will also be great so that I can do some reading up.
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    Help please!!

    I know it has not been too much time since I posted, but it is a time sensitive issue. Someone please do help.

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