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    Unanswered: Error 3799 AFTER applying a filter in a datasheet form

    I am using access 2007.

    I have a form that is always run in datasheet mode.

    After applying a filter to a combobox column in this datasheet, the built-in access feature to sort and filter a column (that little arrow at the top of a column in a datasheet) becomes not functional. When that arrow is clicked, error 3799 comes up and access says that field name is not found.

    What's weird is this error only happens AFTER applying a filter.

    Do we think this is a flaw in this built-in query feature? I keep searching for errors in my row sources, and in my table designs/relationships. I cannot find anything that would cause this glitch.

    Thanks for any ideas.

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    What's the filter filtering out?

    Sounds like your filtering out the entire field, and that's why you can longer filter it, as as far as the forms concerned at that moment in time, it doesn't exist.
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    It happens when I filter the field for any value. This doesn't happen for fields that are not combo boxes.

    EXAMPLE_DB.accdb has this error. It is a very much simplified version of my database with the same relationships and form set up.

    EXAMPLE_DB.accdb (link to
    (Or there is a ZIP attachment)

    I think my forms record source is correct. So if you go into the form (datasheet view) and filter the second or third column (Filter1, Filter2) for any value--all of the auto-filters break and on click give error 3799. The second and third columns are combo boxes--control source is the child field, and row source is from the parent table.

    Weird right?

    Thanks for your ideas.

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