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    Unanswered: Label following Combo


    I am stuck with what I would see as a simple issue! I have a table with a list of People and the first column is PersonID which is also the primary key. When making a form I want to be able for a user to select the forename from a combo box (which is the second column in the table) and need PersonID to auto populate with the choice made on forename.

    This is because so many people exist within the database its far easier to search for a name as opposed to looking up a number.



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    use a combo box, stuff the person number as part of the combo box and link on that person ID. you may need to do this using some VBA code in background

    as you type the name the combo box reduces the number of rows till a match is found
    the downside is that you need to handle typo's, mispellings and alternative spellings... this is where somehting like 'soundex' or 'double metanym' algorithms may be handy.

    the key to maming such a system work is ensuring that the data is 'clean' and 'tidy'
    ferinstance the forename 'Stephen', 'Steve', 'Steven' or others may be equivalents
    not handles correctly you could end up with numerous rows all referring to the same person/company
    Stephen Smith
    Steve Smith
    Steven Smith

    however you also have to cater for mispellings
    Smith, Smiff, smithy, dmith and so on.
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    Look at "DemoComboB3A2000.mdb" (attachment, zip).
    Open form and try.
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    Thanks for your quick response, i will have a look and see if i can do it. I have no exposure to code if it has to be done that way so I just need a simple way of choosing the second column on the label properties from the Person table.


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