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    Question Unanswered: Replication issue

    Hi, I am trying to use the replication feature on a MySQL server 5.1.37-community-log configured as the SLAVE (running on Windows Vista) of a MySQL server 5.0.24a-log (running on Linux Mandriva).
    The SLAVE was installed on a Windows Vista system using EasyPHP 2.0.
    The SLAVE is connected via wireless to an access point. The MASTER is linked to the access point via RJ45cable.

    If I add tuples on the replicated table on the server, the slave is correctly synchronized.

    THE PROBLEM: why the slave takes a lot of time to be up-to-date? If I restart the slave, doing a query on the SLAVE I could see all the changes made on the master. If I do not restart the SLAVE, it is updated only sometimes (like every 15 minutes). How could I configure the master and the slave if I want that every change made on the master is replicated in the slave in the shortest amount of time (like tens of seconds)?

    thanks in advance!
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