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    Design Concepts for representing documents

    Here's the issue I am trying to recreate a handwritten report in my database. The report is an inspection document used to inspect bridges. The report consists of some header information (date, inspectors name, bridge name...) and then a series of findings about that bridge. The number of findings depend on whats found to be wrong with the bridge.

    My initial thought was to have a Report table store the header information then have a Findings table with all the individual findings. Pretty straight forward but there is a catch.

    Each bridge is made up of sections and each section is made up of members which in turn are made up of sub-members. Each report is linked to the section its about but the findings tend to be on the various members and sub-members and we usually only have info on those members and sub-members that have something wrong with them.

    So right now this is what my design looks like in the overview. I'm looking for an suggestions on what could improve or replace this design.

    I've attached a simple diagram.
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